Heartfelt thanks go out to all the participants and families that supported the 8th Annual “Conquer the Mountain” 5K Run with Your Guardian Angels.¬†We raised $1,000 for each squad again this year. They are our guardian angels, but all our participants are the “wind beneath their wings”!
It started off with a couple of raindrops, but ended with smiles and fun as everyone ran, skipped or walked to the finish line. After catching their breath, ¬†participants were educated by Harmony Fire Department on the details of an ice rescue. Then, Doug Brehm from Harmony Fire and members of Pattenburg Fire coached four teams through our annual Fireman’s Challenge.
Congratulations to all participants. We are honored to run with you! Medalists were:
Male 6-12
1 Patrick Smart
2 Logan Maczo
3 Connor Schiereck
Female 6-12
1 Tenley Greger
2 Katherine Schiereck
3 Caroline Petrie
Male 13-17
1 Cameron Reppert
2 Spencer Krok
3 Lachlan Peeke
Female 13-17
1 Megan Bayne
2 Antonia Russo
3 Erin Contiliano
Male 18-35
1 Gary Minsavage
2 Matt Fagan
3 Matt Hall
Female 18-35
1 Janelle McAleer
2 Kirstey Yee
3 Sarah Morgan
Male 36-45
1 Joseph Wysocki
2 Jim Harden
3 Jeff Donlon
Female 36-45
1 Tricia Simpson-Curtin
2 Joanna Hart
3 Kathy Petrillo
Male 46+
1 Lachlan Peeke
2 Jeff Hill
3 Drew Hunt
Female 46+
1 Eileen Barry
2 Michelle Harrison
3 Megan Powers
First Police Officer: John Maczo
First EMS: Gavin DeAngelis – Won the Hero Sword
First four finishers overall
1 Joseph Wysocki
2 Gavin DeAngelis
3 Jim Hardin
4 Jeff Donlon